New Gamer vs Pro Gamer: An Experience pt.1

Something About Aliah

Welcome to our collaboratively written blog by Aliah and Jacky as we explore the way a game’s experience can differ depending on ones background in gaming. In order to gain an understanding of these differentiating experiences, we decided to play the recently trending game, Fall Guys.


Aliah: I have a pretty basic knowledge of the gaming industry that primarily comes from playing PS4 games with my brother and always losing. I was never very into video games growing up which may be a result of being uncoordinated and my hatred towards losing, that I would only play games I knew I could win. However, due to my competitiveness, I do really enjoy playing games especially with other people except that I dislike playing games others are already advanced at.

Jacky: I have played many games throughout my up bringing, it has been mainly thought console and computer…

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