Self-Reflection of Comments for BCM 215 Beta

Bees and Bells

Josephine’s Pantone Games

During week 10 we discussed the affect of games and how they are able to produce cognitive processes. This is why I recommended the source “The Impact of Visual Properties on Player Habits and Game Sessions” as it discusses the automatic brain functions that are impacted by visuals such as color and contrast within a game. This research would be a good source for Josephine to use in her analytical framework, as it includes her study of colour and visuals alongside the discussion of game designers and their intentions. Similarly to the lecture discussions surrounding the involuntary reaction that occurs from the stimulation of visual sensors when playing a video game from Massumi’s (2002) “Parable for the Virtual” , the use of colour and contrast can immediately signal players to search for items making it easier for players to use their natural reflexes demonstrated in the game

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