Hufflepuff Gaming: Among Us! #BetaProject

Betta Project: Hufflepuff Gaming! #bcm215

Amy Micallef

As I originally discussed in my pitch I do enjoy playing video games, I have played quite a few!!!! So I thought to change things up a bit! I have been playing with friends online all the time lately and I thought I would use this to my advantage to change my digital artefact.

I changed digital artefacts as I wasn’t motivated to go and write blogposts. For me to understand the games itself I need to be immerged in the culture of the game. This is why I have chosen to record my gameplay with my friends whilst I play Among Us!

Hufflepuff Gaming

During my beta video I briefly discussed my goals for my new digital artefact however, as you saw I showcased my “gamer aesthetic / intro”. My twitch name / youtube name I will be under will be Hufflpuff as that is my current go to…

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