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Breath of the Wild

I commented on Chelsea’s DA about Breath of the Wild. I have played Breath of the Wild and was able to relate to her post of artistic beauty and design significance. I asked Chelsea if she could check out another game called ‘Genshin Impact’, which has a similar art style of lush grass and cel-shaded characters. I drew on Nintendo being a very influential company headed by Miyamoto. In the Week 6 Lecture we hear about how Miyamoto influenced the switch from programming to game designers, who were typically more traditionally trained visual artists. Through all of Nintendo’s games we have seen clear visual influences, especially Breath of the Wild, which Chelsea notes in her DA, and are a staple of Nintendo. Mario, Pikachu and Zelda are all worldwide icons with recognisable designs.

I offered a link to an article comparing Genshin Impact’s design aesthetics to…

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