Comments and Reflection – BCM215

Hannah Kairuz: Gamer Gorl

For Hannah’s project, she is doing a mix of blogs and videos for her audience to interact to, which is great to have because it’ll open up to a wider audience range. I suggested for her to look at the character customisation within the two games she is looking at, being Animal Crossing and Sims. As well as seeing what her audience enjoys more, within the design aspect of the games and the characters. I suggested the two links below as one outlines more about what Animal Crossing involves with their design process and what the designing in all entails which is something hannah can take on (Bogost, 2008). As well as the other one being a deeper dive into avatar simulation, and seeing if the avatar choice affects how the audience likes the game and if it reflects the participants real life within the game (Trepte, 2010.

Chelsea-Lee Bastable: Breathing in the Wild: Zelda
In Chelsea’s project she is doing youtube videos that can be accessed through her blog, and it is looking into the game, Breathing in the Wild: Zelda. The concept of not only looking into the design of the game, but also taking into account of what the designers were thinking and why they made the choices they did is really fascinating. I suggested a website that does 10 facts about the main characters relationship, that are seen as ‘hidden facts’ something that chelsea can incorporate in her videos somehow. I thought chelsea can look into more the relationships with the characters to see if they are realistic or not, the downsides to them and more!

Amy Micallef: Among Us
In Amy’s project, we have a similar project but looking at the game through a gamers perspective and interacting with other gamers online! Her idea is great as she has accounts dedicated for her public gaming persona, and interacting with fellow gamers. I suggested for Amy to look into interacting with the non gamer community – as a way to broaden her audience more and be welcoming others to those inexperienced gamers! I think this will really benefit her project and can expand her discord hopefully to more people wanting to play. I added an example of a non gamer perspective being one that I examined myself, being James Charles, in addition to an article outlining how Among Us became so popular in 2020 even though it was created in 2018.

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