Beta project bcm215

After a few weeks of blogs, I really am enjoying the content being created for this DA! I have taken a turn with the creation aspect as I was going to be filming videos of myself reacting but after shooting a few I was so awkward I didn’t feel that I was the most comfortable with that. I decided to blog my experience instead which worked out really well for myself, and I found it better documenting it that way than through the video.

The downfall to my project would be completely on my side of things which is the interaction with my audience, I found it hard to navigate my way around this. It didn’t help either with my twitter being quiet and I never posted about when my blogs where going up. So in the next few weeks I will be striving to post more as well as posting more about my blogs and getting the interaction up there! I think it will also be a confidence boost form myself in being more active with my followers and knowing if they enjoy the content being produced or not.

For myself the series of ‘Among Us’ was a very fun and spontaneous idea that really worked out well, which I hope to carry on or even change it up with another game that I click with. Next time too, I want to carry on with the non-gamers trying out games because I related so much and really enjoyed that perspective being showcased for their viewers. I want to show more of that and I hope that my audience who are gamers could give me more insight to things!

My Beta Video

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