Beta Comment Reflections

Josephine Doyle

The process of providing feedback to my peers project Pitch and following up with feedback on their Beta has been very rewarding.

In Bella, Yidi and Paige’s Beta I could clearly see where they had implemented the feedback from their Pitch and I hope they would be able to see the same in my Beta.

People & Talent: Mentoring & Feedback — Edenspiekermann

Bella Creswick’s Cooking Mama Analysis
In Bella’s pitch she discussed her transition to TikTok as a successful platform for her DA which has significantly improved her engagement. To increase engagement even further I suggested that she look to other Cooking Mama recreations for inspiration such as this recreation of Cooking Mama recipes by successful YouTuber Raphael Gomes. The video has over 3 millions views and 7000 comments. Many of these comments are the audience leaving a star rating on his cooking which mimics the star rating system in the game. I suggested…

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