Imagine Pink Games – BCM215 Beta

Alicia McFadden

My Beta video

‘Pink Games’ as Jenson and Castell (2014) refer to them in their article ‘Online games, gender and feminism‘ is a term used to describe “Games for girls” made by companies in a hope to appeal to a female market. The term stems from the marketing technique companies use of packaging their “girl toys” in pink packaging as a way to attract girls to their products. This “pinkwashing” technique is used in most products across the board, including but not limited to, toiletries, toys, clothing and of course video games.

Pink video games usually go a step further than just a pink box, rather many of these games themes are entirely derived from female stereotypes. Cassell and Jenkins pointing out that “the market research which supports the growth of the girls’ game movement has located fairly stereotypical conceptions of female taste”(1998, p. 19). Though…

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