BCM215 Part 2: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments Blog Post

In this blog, I am giving three individuals feedback on for their BCM215 beta reports. It was interesting to see how people are approaching the Game Media Digital Artefact Focus, and incorporating their interests and hobbies into the project.

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Casey is phenomenal at explaining extremely hard concepts and with her using YouTube as her form of media is a great tool for her as she comes across quite talented in speaking about complex topics in gaming. She talks about how she is creating a video essay on YouTube that explores different areas of gaming, for example, marketing, game studies and fandom.

After watching a few of her videos I noticed how well she was able to discuss these topics and provide examples that made sense within the minute she gives herself. In my comment to Casey, I focused on giving her other platforms to get Joystick’s name out there as she is currently in the hardest stage of her YouTube channel. Luckily she can promote her videos as none of them mentions sensitive topics so she can promote the videos to people under 18 even if that isn’t her target audience. I also suggested she tries using TikTok and Instagram reels as I mean to get her videos out as she selected a time frame that both of these platforms account for. Even though this might not be her target audience at least it will help her get her name out. I offered a piece of research from an online website that focuses on the dos and doesn’t‘s with businesses.

I suggested several different strategies she could use for example using SEO to promote her website as well as joining relevant online communities such as Reddit. I also incorporated a study that looks into YouTube audiences and how to interpret their feedback. This is something Casey already does well by closing her feedback loops however I feel with her reading this article it could further her understanding of them. I look forward to seeing Caseys metrics rise as I believe she is a dedicated, smart businesswoman.

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Graces beta featured an analysis of mindfulness and its application to the gaming industry. This is a fascinating and innovative idea that I feel would have a huge influence on her target audience. I have added to her work through feedback on her online presence correspondence and the ability to use a variety of social media. furthermore, I discussed the way that she could process her project development as a means to generate content. I recommended further analysis of a study that explored how mindfulness is defined as an inherent capacity in human beings that can be trained which is explored with the structure around eight factors. through Grace utilising these eight factors, she can then apply the factors to other games outside of the study and overall coordinate flow of information that all fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. Also recommended was the social media link to give her more of a foundation towards her analytical framework and how she can use other platforms to boost her audience. I feel that the subject material I have recommended will allow her to evaluate links between models and engagement ultimately utilising behaviour in gaming and mental wellness. I believe my suggestions were deep and meaningful and will apply to key concepts in her analytical framework during the production of her Digital Artefact.

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After evaluating and reflecting upon Ashland digital artefact it made me realise that I wanted to incorporate the psychology behind gaming and marketing into my DA.
Marketing within gaming must standout. Gone of the days when Super Mario, Duck Hunt and Sonic the Hedgehog dominated video game screens. Now gaming is a multi-billion dollar-a-year market involving some of the biggest brands in the world across several devices. In the modern marketing landscape, there are tried and true methods and flash in the pan strategies. The truth is, marketing is always evolving with the world it inhabits. I did recommend that Ashlan could try incorporating the psychology behind Angry Birds and to discuss what techniques they used to market it and how they made the game so popular/ addictive. Ashlan wants to examine past digital marketing campaigns, in doing so incorporating different elements (psychology) in different aspects to this will further develop her audiences understanding as well as her own. I linked two separate articles that discuss the psychology behind marketing and gaming which I hope helps her and her analytical framework.

Commenting on my peers digital artefacts and giving feedback has been challenging but super rewarding as I have learnt so much more about how creative people can be when given the same assignment.
Thank you.

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