BCM215 – Digital Artefact Beta

- trying to adult -

Hi BCM215, after the feedback I received from my classmates, I began realising how many remakes there are out there. I found a reddit thread that questioned, “What are good and bad examples of video game remakes?” The thread received quite a few replies, which again confirms the interest in the topic. Tomb Raider was mentioned multiple times, which I agree with as I loved the original and the remake. Ratchet and Clank remake was bought up as a very poor remake. I haven’t played a lot of the original nor the remake, so I believe this could be an interesting take and something to further my research analyses the game.

Hayden’s point that was raised inspired my research into how remakes could be a hurting the video game industry and is this a way to make millions with little effort and creativity (Curley, 2020). An article from…

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