BCM215 Beta Comments and Self reflection

The Lime and Dry

This semester we’re tasked with commenting on 3 other students blogs, for this I decided to comment on the same students blogs I looked at in round one of this task. Those being Angus, Hayden and Taylah. Depending on if their post is up or not I will need to look elsewhere.



G’day Angus, I’m glad too here your project hasn’t changed to much from what you pitched originally, as I was very keen to watch and see where it went. I’ve noticed from your post you were worried about the chaotic nature of your blog, if you would like some help to make the blog a lot less chaotic, I’d love to help. This is due to as I’m doing a similar subsection to you and can show you how mine looks. https://thelimeanddry.home.blog/


Angus’s Digital Artefact is working in a similar way to my own as…

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