215 BCM comments and reflection part 2

Comments 1

Hey Thomas

I really like the idea of your DA; I reckon you highlighted some good points as to why EA has shown minimal improvements over the years in FIFA. I Also strongly agree that most of FIFA games are all very similar, however in a game like FIFA, what drastic features can you really change ? I would like to see what you would fix and improve in more detail. I personal am not a huge fan of the FIFA games but I have played before, but I cannot see how you can make major change to game that replicates a sport.  Maybe you could link an alternative game such as rocket league and compare the differences and how the game feels different but still focuses on the idea of soccer. These games are similar in a few ways but you could bounce ideas  to make it more interesting to players.  

Here some rocket league reviews:

MZK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTsNg0QDf4g

IGN : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj0D9_oecO4

Squishy (Pro Rocket league Player): https://www.youtube.com/user/SquishyMuffinz


Thomas digital artifact highlighted a real issue with FIFA fans, I really like this as it was a concern for strong fans of the game genre. I personally recommend the introduction to rocket league as both FIFA and rocket league show case a representation of soccer but different perspectives, I reckon this could address some of the issues as rocket league is different in many ways bit is fresh for people looking to change. I linked few reviews on rocket league and linked a pro player to show an insight to the game.

Comment 2

Hello Grace

Esports has grown drastically within the last few years and the idea of Mindfulness and gaming, go hand in hand. You Digital artefact highlights a technical feature within Esports that is easily over looked, the mind is a critical factor when gaming and I really like the idea and how you actually doing some primary research with 3 active gamers. I like how you have collected data on the 3 participants that are using  your mediation tools, however I  would recommend you used other resources to test the reaction of each participants and to demonstrates how effectives of mediation plays a role in a gamers reaction, hand eye coordination and strategic thinking. I have linked a few tests below to help assist you along your journey if you decide to include my idea:

Mouse Accuracy : https://mouseaccuracy.com/results

Physical exercises: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaK5dFGuMNA

Reaction test:  https://humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime

Hopefully, these resources will help you on your journey and best of luck with your Digital artifact.


Grace digital artefact in my eyes has taken it to the next level. She is testing 3 games ability to play games documenting their results, I linked some resources to help her analysis the reaction times, accuracy, and physical exercises. These resources could potentially create a more accurate result to show the improvements

Comment 3

Hello Loren

I am glad to hear my feedback was useful in the development of your Digital artifact, I liked how you have used Instagram as platform to connect to a wider range of people.  I really like your community insights on Instagram as it shows you go a lot of community engagement. However, with your ideas of gender representation and how it affects the players experiences, I think you should go in more detail on what you want to see improved and fixed. Your ideas are great, but I would be interesting to see what you want to see changed and fix the negative gender unbalance. A solution could be making female characters less sexualised, more detailed designs of female characters or make games more gender neutral. These where some ideas I brainstormed

Mary Sue : https://www.themarysue.com/games-for-everyone/

This article I found examines game designs for both genders and why it is important for society.  

To conclude, I  like how you have addressed the issues, but I feel like its time to provide some solution rather than more in depth explanation as to why it’s an issue, I feel like with the statistic you have collected, it demonstrated that its an real issue and now it’s time to address the issue with your ideas on how genders are represented in video games .   


I really liked how Loren has collected her research she has connected to a lot of people and has demonstrated how this gender representation is a real issue in society. however, I would like to see some solution that could address these issues, I would like to see her DA develop a solution rather than explain further as to why it needs to be fixed. Overall, great DA

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