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Critical Self-Reflection of Comments BETA

Commenting on my peers Beta projects not only gave them an insight into a different perspective and critical feedback, this process also helped me revisit past content and gain a deeper understanding for the work I’m focusing on. Below I have broken down what contribution I made to each project, what subject material I drew on, further research supporting their work, suggestions and what I learn’t from their work.

Amy Micllef is focusing her project on the game ‘Among Us’ where she will play the game with her friends online and record her gameplay. ‘Among Us’ was a game she was already involved with so she’s decided to take advantage of what she knows and gain a deeper understanding around it. Firstly, I gave her some positive criticism towards her idea as she’s bravely changed her idea last minute and moved away from blog posts as she was feeling less motivated towards them. I then reflected on weeks 8 content as I was personally interested in Henry Jenkins and Raessens suggestion that play is productive. I advised her to focus on this point as she will be displaying the physical side to gaming. As well as the readings we had for that week I did my own research and sent her some research on Henry Jenkins and ‘the Value of Play’. Amy taught me that it’s never to late to change your idea on something and thats why we value Pitch and Beta. If you’re passionate about a different direction, go with your gut feeling.

Kurt bases his idea around historical gaming and the positive effects this can have on the users education of history. He focuses on the game Assassins Creed thats set 2000 years ago in history in places like the revolutionary Paris, Victorian London, Ptolemaic Egypt and eastern Libya. Even just watching him play the game during his Beta I was already learning so much about the landscape and what people were wearing. I reflected on weeks 3 lecture where we focused on the levels of analysis. These steps include the game overview, the games formal elements and the games content. I recommended to him that looking into these steps will give him a clear structure for his DA. I linked him an article that I found ” To Help You Learn History Better Than Boring Textbooks’. This article reflects on 7 different games that have helped with the education of history. When i first heard of this assignment during his pitch i felt like as someone who isn’t into historical games, I wouldn’t understand his avenue. But, due to his Beta and clarity of his voice I knew exactly where they were going with this digital artefact.

In particular, this Beta alined to my DA the most. Lydia and I are focusing on the same topic but going down different avenues in regards to the game we want to focus on. We are both looking into the positive impacts of gaming for children. I forwarded her the link to my Beta project so she can gain an insight into my perspective as viewing her DA idea really helped me. The actionable suggestion i made was to put together a questionnaire for her peers and friends to gain some independent research and really focus on the feedback from individuals our age. The subject material that I wanted to outline for her was in week 3. We learn’t in our lecture the importance of mapping basic features and how games are received by the audience. My advice was to look to places such as reviews, mods, cosplay or wiki to support her academic journals.

Overall, all my comments improved as I started to think more about what would benefit me and what I would want my comments to include.

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Kurt Dixon

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