Introduction and changes

Welcome back to my Digital artifact, Over the pass few weeks Aliah and my self have been playing games together to help each other improve our skills and improve in various games, however our original focus was falls guys we have decide to make a change. A lot has happened and changed over the course of Project. Aliah and I have decided to change games as the sad decline to fall guys as impacted our Digital Artifact, this was due to long wait queues and lack of content. Cause of these foreseeing circumstances we have decide to switch from Fall guys to Among us, both these games are very similar in ways as it still focuses on the idea of party games and community based.

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Maintaining my Pitch ideas

However, this has not impacted our ideas we wished to assess that where highlighted in our pitch, these are:

  • The history of Party games (evolution)
  • The games Aesthetic (target)
  • The games levels of difficulty (skills)
  • The market and audience (genres)

Our plan remains with the analysis of two different perspectives, from an inexperienced player and an experienced player. We will stick to showcase our work though YouTube

 My Experience So Fair

So fair my experience with Among us has been great, I feel as thought my skills have improved drastically over the last month. My hand eye coordination and strategic thinking has developed, this has boosted my enjoyment playing this game especially when the games get heated. I personally enjoy being the imposter to be deceiving and manipulative to others. I personally really enjoyed playing with people in discord calls opposed to community text lobbies.


With my feedback I assessed the comments mention in my pitch, however I was more inclined to interview my Aliah as it was more ideal for my DA analysis here experience, I have my interview in my beta project but will be further assessed in my Final Digital Artifact

Posted on 21/10/2020


  1. Hi Jacky, I really enjoy your video! As I know so far, you guys have decided to swift the game from Falls guys to Among us. And I think that Falls guys and Among us are quite similar game such as graphics and overall animation, especially it had very similarly-shaped characters. Although both are vastly different when it comes to the plot and overall objectives, as Aliah said these 2 games are really simple to understand and play. So that’s why Among us has suddenly burst up in popularity and becoming one of the mega-hit video games of 2020.
    From your beta project, it seems that you have a clear concept and purpose for your DA. And you had mentioned that you want to focus to interview your teammate Aliah as it was more ideal for your DA analysis and that can have a deeper look to examine the topic. I think it’s a good idea for me too, perhaps I can have one perspective to interview someone that I known and explore it deeper and get the feedback.
    Also, your analysis plan the two different perspectives, from an inexperienced player and an experienced player. For my suggestion, you can compare the game of Falls guys and Among us for the background research that how these 2 games can become a global phenomenon overnight cause you guys had played it before. This is the article that explained why Among Us has replaced Fall Guys as the most-streamed party game of 2020 on Twitch
    Overall, I can’t wait to see your interview in your beta project and your final DA!



  2. I completely agree with the switch you have made from Fall Guys to Among Us. Fall guys were majorly popular at the beginning of the semester with most of my twitch and youtube feeds, however that quickly changed to among us. Since they are very similar in character design and it is still within the party game archetype, this was definitely a good swap. I think there are few opportunities here to dig deeper into the more analytical side of things. As much as you analyse you both playing the game, maybe analysing the strategies of the larger twitch youtube streamers and try and implement them into your own strategies. I know streamers such as Pokimane are big on the twitch platform but also CORPSE is rising in youtube streaming and has some really interesting plays as an imposter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8BljzlrkCY. Good luck with the rest of the semester, I’m excited to see what you come up with


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