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The Lime and Dry

The Tales of a bullet sponge, I won’t lie to whoever reads this, so far this hasn’t been my most Digital artefact, and I won’t make any excuses it’s my fault. This has been my most challenging DA I’ve, format wise as I chose a niche format that is WordPress. Unlike past DAs I just can’t just follow or share the page via Facebook. I can do this it’s more of keeping two sides of my life separated. So now I’m going to expand on the things that need to improve to make this project successful

What needs to be fixed?

Point one- Promotion, as I stated in the video for this assignment, I’m going to use likeminded people to boost the participation in my content, whether that be friends, classmates, group members etc. ill do this by send out a message, tweet, snapchat, etc with the link to the…

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