My ‘Mindfulness and Gaming’ DA explores the relationship between mindfulness, meditation and gaming through a three-part blog series and primary research.

Upon receiving feedback from my pitch I’ve made some changes to my DA to achieve better social utility. I’ve recently started posting on Reddit which has proved beneficial in understanding the relationship between mindfulness and gaming and getting feedback from gamers who have implemented this practice into their daily lives.

In coming weeks I’ll be exploring the concept of participatory media and the relationship between play and productivity. Especially the notion of play being the building blocks of cultural and social life, and has important cognitive, social functions and how mindfulness ties in with this.

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  1. Hello Grace
    Esports has grown drastically within the last few years and the idea of Mindfulness and gaming, go hand in hand. You Digital artefact highlights a technical feature within Esports that is easily over looked, the mind is a critical factor when gaming and I really like the idea and how you actually doing some primary research with 3 active gamers. I like how you have collected data on the 3 participants that are using your mediation tools, however I would recommend you used other resources to test the reaction of each participants and to demonstrates how effectives of mediation plays a role in a gamers reaction, hand eye coordination and strategic thinking. I have linked a few tests below to help assist you along your journey if you decide to include my idea:
    Mouse Accuracy :
    Physical exercises:
    Reaction test:
    Hopefully, these resources will help you on your journey and best of luck with your Digital artifact.


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