Pantone Games Beta BCM215

Josephine Doyle

Pantone Games initially set out to investigate the use of colour in mobile game design. As the project has evolved, I have become more interested in understanding the process of game design itself, rather than just the colour of the final product.

Game developers have been described as being at the “coal-face of the game industry.” (Hinton, 2009, pp.42). Game development varies significantly across studios and where there used to be a game design document (GDD) capturing the process, innovations in game design including “Unreal Engine and Unity have made software design more efficient, allowing for rapid prototyping” and consequently reducing the necessity for a GDD (Colby & Schultz Colby, 2019, pp.7).

Mobile Game Player GIF by ReadyGames - Find & Share on GIPHY
Gif by Ready Games

On Instagram, I create a whole bank of draft posts with the pictures and captions ready to go and then I go back in and post them later. I would…

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