Beta Comments – H.Kairuz

Chelsea-Lee Bastable | Breathing in the Wind – Zelda
Chelsea’s project takes the form of blogs of her observations as she plays the game Zelda from a designers point- of-view. . The suggestion I made for her, is to seperate her blogs from her University blogs as they get lost on her page, and that probably leads to a lack of interactions from a public audience. A well, I suggested to looking into the background of the game, into the influences and compare the end product.  Was the design influenced by the previous Zelda games, or was it created new from a new plot line and story, was it original art design of the game, as well as its development process, that made it reach what is became? It’d be interesting to note if the game being designed and created in Asia effected the outcome of the art, evaluate how that has contributed to the virtual beauty of networked gaming culture (Chan, D 2006)

Emma Jenkins | Reaction Blogs
Emma’s DA is reaction blogs to different gaming videos on YouTube, she has made a reaction series to the game Among US, I suggested she do different series on different games and players OR end each little series with a video or blog recounting your own experience having a go playing different games. I thought maybe she could take a deeper analysis into each game, specifically these online multiplayer games. Technology can simulate multi-medial virtual worlds one can interact with and – especially during Covid-19 – increasingly being connected to other computers over the Internet. Which is what this suddenly popular game allows. (Raessens, J 2005). What I like and learn from her blogs was her genuine interest and joy in her blogs. I think commenting on her previous blog and now what she’s doing in her DA has made it easier for me to suggest more things to help her with her DA.

Ashlan Rose | Marketing In The Gaming Industry
Reading and looking at Ashlan’s DA has made me see what I need to work on in my own Digital Artefact. I made one suggestion to Ashlan, to look into reaching out to some marketing companies that handle gaming to see how the physical and digital advertising differently effects the popularity of a game. What I more so learnt from Ashlan’s DA is her consistent feedback loop. Something I already mentioned I have to work on, but seeing the different strategies she took, gave me inspiration to keep my feedback and social media presence more consistent, an important aspect of a Digital Artefact that I have been ignoring. For her blog her focus is marketing in the gaming world, but she is also marketing herself and her DA. Designers create the rules and mechanics that determine to a large extent the activities and specific needs of the participants – THIS marketing factor is what I need for my DA to create a audience and take into account when analysing the aspect of my project. (Hamari, Juho and Lehdonvirta, Vili 2010)

– Chan, D. (2006) “Negotiating Intra-Asian Games Networks: On Cultural Proximity, East Asian Games Design, and Chinese Farmers”, Fibreculture Journal, 8, available at: networks-on-cultural-proximity-east-asian-games-design-and-chinese-farmers/
-Hamari, Juho and Lehdonvirta, Vili, Game Design as Marketing: How Game Mechanics Create Demand for Virtual Goods (2010). International Journal of Business Science & Applied Management, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 14-29, 2010
– Raessens, J 2005, Computer games as participatory media culture. In J. Raessens & J. Goldstein’s (Eds.), Handbook of the computer game studies (pp.373-388). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

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