H Kairuz – Beta – animal crossing + The Sims

BCM215 | Project Beta | Hannah Kairuz

As I mentioned in my previous blog, three days after submitting my Pitch for my first DA idea, I felt no motivation to continue this lead me to the idea for my new DA – comparing and contrasting the digital worlds of both Animal Crossing and The Sims. My Artefact will still be a digital blog – Gamer Gorl Hannah – and I will also still be including the research element as well. What is behind this – why are people attracted to these digital world – looking at the texts in a designing and creative framework but also a psychological one.

I have been posting weekly blog and vlogs to my audience, but I haven’t had much interactions due to my lack of advertising for my gaming blog. I really do love doing the mixture of videos and written posts, so I will be continuing that. What I have been trying to do is follow and interact on different reddit’s and subreddits for animal crossing as I seek idea and stimulus from fellow animal crossing players. Because my social media presence has been lacking, I plan to create a new Twitter account solely for my blog so I can interact with fellow players and gamers instead of using my BCM account to just interact with other students. The plan for the DA is to broadening my audience and looking out to other players online to see their suggestions on what I should do in my own gameplay world. I have a lot work to do on my project but I have a plan on how I want to achieve my goals.

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