Reflecting on Game Analysis Comments

Josephine Doyle

By providing constructive comments on other BCM215 students project pitches, I am able to better understand how to improve my own project pitch.

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In all of my feedback I connected the students DA in order to assist myself in gaining a new way of thinking. I provided connections to the subject materials and links to further readings that I felt would be helpful for each students critical analysis. I complimented the effective parts of their pitch and gave actionable suggestions to improve such as adding more links or images.

Yidi Weng’s Animal Crossing Analysis
Yidi’s pitch explores the phenomenon of Animal Crossing. Yidi explained Animal Crossing really well so I was able to understand what the game was about even though I had never played before. However, Yidi’s blog post repeated a lot of what she said in the pitch video and did not provide any links to…

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