Pitch Project BCM215

My project will be the look into the appeal of gamers on Youtube and the world of streaming their gaming experiences online. I myself am no gamer so I wanted this to be a perspective from someone who has no real insight into this world. I will be taking it from the appeal from aesthetics to the amount of views a video has, as well as what is recommended on my page.

‘A player must be actively engaged by a new game within 15 minutes of starting or we risk losing the player forever’

(Shelley, 2001)

The engagement within the game is so important for someone who is new to it, a study was done on how to make a successful game. It stated how important those first 15 minutes were for a game to make or break their audience, so I wanted to investigate this particular theory within each of of the games I decide to investigate. ‘Twitch has become an essential part of gaming culture’ (Uszkoreit, 2017), as my research continues I might broaden my options further to Twitch as that is gaming central, from what I have heard. I will give youtube a try for the first two weeks, then may jump over to twitch and have a go at watching the stream from there.

I have decided to record myself and post to youtube either once or twice a week, with reacting to a youtube of choice or the game. Within the video, it will show my reactions, any comments that I have and just asking questions that a non gamer person would! I am excited to see the results of this because I do think I will enjoy some games for their aesthetics and also the idea they are based around. I do theorise that some games will just not work for me but I hope to become somewhat apart of the gaming community at the end of this study!


Shelley. B (2001) ‘Guidelines for Developing Successful Games’ UBM Tech

Uszkoreit. L (2017) ‘Video Game Live Streaming and the Perception of Female Gamers’ University of Southern California

Wark. M (2007) ‘Game Theory’ Harvard University Press

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