Pitch bcm215 – zelda botw

My digital artefact will explore the game media text of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the innovative new game art style introduced to this open-map action-adventure game. 

Vidqvist (2019) describes the pre-existing criteria for the art direction would be an abstract realism which would both convince the reader of fantastical situations (e.g. logs turn into fire when struck) yet real enough for the audience to truly believe and care for the game, “the development team decided on an art direction after searching for one with a good balance of realism and abstraction”.

“ In art director Satoru Takizawa’s (2017) words, they needed a style that made it easy to lie.” (Vidqvist, 2019)

I have gathered resources that discuss emotional character in Zelda: breath of the wild, cultural significance and more. One of the academic insights I have found was an analysation of the ‘colonial atmosphere’ that exists inside the game, which comfortably envelopes Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s strategic narrative:

“This paper assesses ‘observant play’ as a purposeful element of game design, whereby the development team manipulates the player’s realization of certain game mechanics, in tandem with the unfolding of a central narrative.” (Hutchinson, 2019).

This paper will also guide my exploration into observant play methodologies as I plan to start investigating these artistic phenomenons in Week 7 the 14th of September. Following this I will explore the different area’s named within the pitch video. 

In the week beforehand I will be taking the next required steps such as purchasing a microSD Card and figuring out where/how I will explore the different domains described. 

Be ready to be awakened on this artistic journey of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

My Research Materials:

  • Vidqvist.J (2019) “Open World Game Design: Case Study of Zelda Breath of the Wild” Tampere University of Applied Systems
  • Hutchinson.R (2019) “Observant Play: Colonial Readings in Breath of the Wild” Universit of Deleware
  • Smith.G & Carrette.J (2019) “Design Foundations for Emotional Game Characters” Eludamos Journal for Computer Game Culture
  • Hut.R, Albers.C, Illingworth.S & Skinner.C (2019) “Taking a bretah of the wild: are geoscientists more effetive than non-geoscientists in determining whether video game world landscapes are realistic” Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Herfs.L (2020) “Dreams of the Japanese Self in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” Leiden University

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