Critical Self-Reflection of Comments (BCM215)

- trying to adult -

The three comments below are a summary of my thoughts on my classmate’s digital artefact pitches.

Lydia’s digital artefact is about video games we play as children and if they had a positive impact on ourselves. She focuses on game development and how video games may be able to enhance specific regards to our personality, mind and what we believe in (Lydiam21, 2020). Lydia’s digital artefact involved similar aspects as mine, as I am speaking about remakes and then nostalgic factor they provide. I commented on how I think video games can teach us a lot from a young age, specifically the Sims. When playing the Sims at a young age we are exposed to the realistic life of adults, this includes getting a job, relationships, cleaning and mainly looking after ourselves (The Sims, 2020). Phenomenological refers to “the study of consciousness and experience from the personal point of view:…

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