Critical Self Reflection of Comments: BCM215

A large part of Task 1 is commenting on three other class members project pitches in a constructive way that may actually aid the development of their project in the coming months. This was the easy part, I enjoyed reading through and watching the various pitches that I commented on however the next part is the tricky part for me, a critical self reflection. The reflection should now provide justification for what I said in each comment, why I thought it was useful and attempt to identify anything I learnt in each experience. Each one of the pitches that I chose were actually vastly different so that makes my responses have great variety so this allows me to now have a much greater leaning potential out of each pitch… which is a good start.

Project One: Mitchell Barlow and Monster Hunter

I had been witnessing Mitch and his obvious extensive knowledge of video games since the week one tutorials and I have been keen to comment and explore his project since then and he did not disappoint. My comment for his project pitch was much more oriented around how his project was going to enhance my, in comparison, much more limited understanding of video games. I did not want to just give a half thought-out suggestion to someone who obviously had such an extensive knowledge about a subject that dwarfed my own, so I looked at it from a different perspective. I explained how his project was going to help me understand the world of Monster Hunter as a person with zero pervious interactions with the game. I hope that this gives him a new avenue to view his own project from and encourages him to make content similar to this for people like me.

Project Two: Tobias Thomas and Game reviews

Straight away, this was a project that I was very interested in for two reasons. One reason was that Tobias is my housemate and I have been involved already in one of his reviews of a sub-section of a game and really enjoyed myself. His concept was really simple yet has such a wide scope for weekly content and I am actually really excited to see where it goes. I stated this in my comment on his pitch, I also said that I would like to participate in further posts because I think we would both benefit greatly by helping each other through this subject. I did give a suggestion to him about another possible post to try as it is a series that I have enjoyed in small doses and I feel the medium that he is presenting this in will fit it really well. I suggested the ever popular Skate 3, where he attempts to go through the game without using the famous speed hack that has taken all the harder elements out of the completion of the game. To add to this I also asked if he was taking inspiration from any existing YouTubers who produce similar content, his medium may be different but they would have the same message and I believe could really add some depth to his project.

Project Three: Dayle Beazley and Game Illustrations

Out of all the pitches that I had gone through, this one was the most exciting and impressive in my mind. What Dayle was proposing was illustrating various video game characters and posting them to TikTok and Instagram and eventually selling them as stickers. I jumped to the comment section of this project because I had a few suggestions and even some questions because I was so interested on this unique take on the project. Firstly I wanted to float n idea by her that I was not sure if she had already taken into consideration. There are a few TikTok creators, and I had named one of my favourites, that do time lapse videos of drawings being created and they are really amazing. I suggested possibly looking into that kind of formate because it is engaging and really creative which fits in with the theme of her project. I also asked if she had considered adding Reddit to her repertoire. Reddit is an amazing tool full of thousands of sub-reddits, may of which are fan art based. I stated that this could be used both for inspiration and validation. I hope she looks into these suggestions if she has not already because I think it would make an awesome project even better.

This kind of self-reflection is a really good tool to evaluate your own knowledge and even allow yourself to learn about something that you had not previously considered. I am really looking forward to seeing where these particular projects go as I think they are all excellent example of game media texts or para-texts being explored.

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