Critical Self-Reflection of Comments – BCM215

Bella’s Pitch

My comment

Bella is going to be looking at the popular DS game ‘Cooking Mama’ and trying to recreate the recipes from the game in real life and incorporate them into her already establish cooking Instagram page. I offered up this link to a ‘Cooking Mama’ fan page which goes through all the recipes in the game but is missing the measurements required for the ingredients as that is not in the game. I voiced my concerns that this probably would be a problem she would run into throughout this project and offered up the idea that she could compare ‘Cooking Mama’ recipes to another cooking games recipes to see which has better recipes to follow in real life or is more realistic to play. Lastly, I provided a link to a journal article that specifically mentioned ‘Cooking Mama’ and discussed how cooking games make you feel a physical presence. I thought this would be useful for Bella’s project as she will be comparing the experience of the game versus the real-world experience so she will be able to potentially use this source to back up her findings. 

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Amelia’s Pitch

My comment:

Amelia is going to be looking at and trying to learn the “Gamer language” and presenting her findings in three 500 word blog posts where she will discuss both what she thought some of the jargon meant before and after researching. I suggested that perhaps she could test out her knowledge of the “Gamer language” towards the end of her research and see if it holds up amongst regular players or if she felt that it added to her own experience of the gameplay. I also offered up this book as a potential source of research for her project, which goes into detail about the different layers of language in gaming, and one of those layers is specifically talking about gamer to gamer jargon which I gathered from Amelia’s pitch was her main area of interest. Though the author believes all the layers have some influence over the others, so this source may be helpful in that way as well.

I hadn’t thought much about gamer jargon before reading this post and I had to look around into this topic before I could comment anything useful on Amelia’s post. Though, I think from this I have gained a whole new understanding of how people interact through games online in a completely unique way compared to other media platforms when I had always just assumed it was the same as I am not a part of that community.

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Flora’s Pitch

My comment: (as of this moment is still awaiting moderation but a screenshot is below as well)

Flora for her DA is going to play and explore five mobile apps that all have had console equivalents that she played as a child. She wants to compare the experience of playing these games with their old school equivalents and see what links, references and connections the two versions have. I loved this idea but mentioned that maybe five apps plus their console equivalents was a lot of work. I offered up the idea that maybe she should just focus on one of these apps and its console equivalent game so that she can go into as much depth and detail comparing the two as she seemed to suggest she wanted to in her post. I also mentioned that this would make for a great side by side visual in her blog posts or whatever medium she is going to present her DA on. I also linked to this article which talks about game developers only just learning to take advantage of each consoles unique strengths including mobile apps. I thought this would be useful for Flora in her research, particular before she plays these games so that she can keep in mind what elements the game developers are emphasising in each version of the game and can better understand why these elements are being emphasised.

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