Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

Ashlan Rose

This week I was able to choose three individuals to give feedback on for their BCM215 PITCH presentations. It was interesting to see how people are approaching the Game Media Digital Artefact Focus, and incorporating their interests and hobbies into the project.

When I provide feedback I use a tactic that Travis encouraged us to use back in BCM112.
Which is the sandwich technique:

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.02.41 pm.png

It recommends that we start our feedback with a compliment, followed by constructive criticism, recommendations & resources and then finished off with another compliment. I have used this structure in all three of my feedback replies to my peers.

Flora has chosen to explore games which she played as a child, and showcase how they have evolved and changed over time. Flora will display her game play through screen recordings and side by side comparisons. She plans to release her videos on instagram as well as…

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