BCM241 – Digital Artefact Pitch

- trying to adult -

Hi BCM241, Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel provides us with entertaining and educational content about cooking recipes and tips from a loveable and diverse cast. Sustainable resourcing of produce and ingredients are something that intrigues me as well as the food waste that occurs withing the cooking industry, especially regarding video content.

There is a copious amount of information regarding waste within the food industry and the use of sustainable resources. One article I found called “Sustainability in Cooking Shows” regards the global phenomena ‘MasterChef’ and the goals they strive to achieve regarding being as sustainable as possible (Mettke, 2020).

The framing theory is very vital within television shows as they have framed sustainability to ensure the message is delivered, understood and then the action is taken upon. This is the production cast focusing in on the idea and message that they want individuals to consume (Mettke, 2020).

Case and document…

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