BCM215 pitch comments

The Lime and Dry

After submitting my pitch for Bcm 215, I waited for the 3 people whose DAs really intrigued me. Earlier in the semester I talked to Taylah Ide-Miller who I had a class with last year about ideas for her DA and she explained to me the bones of her idea and It really got me interested in when pitches would come out. Hayden is big player in the BCM community, and I like to watch and see what he pulls out of his hat each semester ever since we made a thread of meme out of him and a lecture hall so he was on the list. Angus Andrews my good friend, the man has a serious flare for marketing, I’ve been discussing his digital artefact with him since I started mine so he got my third spot.

Taylah- Cuphead Make-Up TikTok-

During the first couple of weeks of semester…

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