When thinking about my digital artefact for bcm215, it seemed like a great opportunity to be able to experiment and express my ideas, thoughts and opinions on games. When first researching the topic of reviewing games, I realised how game reviews could be written in so many ways. When examining the topic of game reviewing, I will utilise the UOW library for academic sources, google scholar, game review sites and many more types of platforms which focus on the aspect of game reviews.

Game reviews can be written in many different contexts and describe and portray various things. When reviewing games through the perspectives of games journalism and games criticism, it is going to enable me to touch into the side of journalism which interest me and is also going to enable me to critically engage with games.

In my video pitch above I did mention that I want to post every week, to give a precise day of when blog posts will be up, they will be up by every Sunday each week on my Word Press blog site.

When searching for games to download from the App Store, I will be searching for games which are trending, appealing and games which have a decent amount of detail in them for me to analyse and review. Although this is all very new to me, I am excited to experiment with different games and to be able to write through my own experiences of experimenting and playing different games.

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