BCM215- Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

In this week blog, I have commented on the three blogs and receive some comment from others. Through reading different students pitch, I had learned a lot about different aspect of game media which can gain and improve my knowledge.

Taylah’s Cuphead-Comment

In Taylah’s pitch, it’s studying the makeup looks by recreating some design elements of 19 different bosses in the Cupheads game.
Although, I have never played and heard about this game, I still able to understand what the game was about because she provides links and video in her blog, it can let me have a deeper understanding.

Taylah had explained that she has a passion for makeup, therefore, she will using TikTok video to recreating the bosses and the characters Cuphead and Mugman’s makeup based on Cuphead game. Also, she explained the relation of her DA idea and game media by using Voice over though the makeup…

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