Life in the Fields

In BCM215 we have been given the opportunity to create a digital artefact relating to the gaming industry. This project must be online and available for all to see, allowing feedback to dramatically shape or reshape these projects. This blogpost explores my feedback on Maddie, Aliah, and Chelsea’s projects.

Psychological Effects of Gaming on Children – Maddie Johnston

Maddie’s project is exploring the effects of gaming on the psyche of children. This project is very well researched and already off to a great start. Her project is taking a different approach, rather than focusing on violent video games such as Call of Duty or Fortnite, Maddie’s project is exploring the Nintendo smash hit Nintendogs. Nintendogs is a game in which you raise, feed, pat and play with digital dogs.

As Maddie is pursuing a video essay for her final project, I suggested that she looks at some successful…

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