BCM215 Commenting

Pitch 1: Chelsea-Lee Bastable, Breathing in the Wild – Zelda

Chelsea’s topic looks into the game, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, investigating the new ways of design in the action game. From the graphic design factor to the cultural significance within this game, Chelsea will be observing the artistic direction of the game play and how it is in a new form of game art today. I gave the resource here, which outlines Nintendo’s creative directions in the game development. It also tests the theory along the way of changes that were made and whether it was the the original ideas the creators thought Zelda would be designed as today. It provides the core elements of the designs to the mapping of the gameplay, as well as the goals throughout the design process too which will help the researcher when discussing the outcomes of the game. I haven’t heard of this game before so I am excited to explore more into this idea into the world of Zelda.

Pitch 2: Asher Fielder, Photo Modes in Video Games

Asher is exploring idea of photo modes, which is also something that I have never heard of until his pitch. This really interested me as his job can be related back to his DA, creating content and recording visuals for a company. I added a YouTube video to his comment as it counts down ten of the best games that used photo modes to the best of their ability. As he gave a few games in his blog such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and FarCry 5, I thought that these other games might interest Asher into looking at these similar ones. The video essay idea will work best for this topic to get the most out of the in investigation of this content idea.

Pitch 3: Hannah Kairuz, Disney Bootleg Games

Hannah’s idea is surrounding the bootleg games within the world of Disney, which has been circulating for years. It really is an interesting subject. as not many games are taken down from this issue, but I found a document from a case where comics were designed to show Disney in their bad light, hoping that Hannah may be able to shine light on that issue and compare. I remember as a kid using free gaming websites like Hannah showed un her video, which I left in the comment for her to check out as they use a lot of appropriated games from Disney. The differences in designs are slim which is why I find it hard for Disney not to get these other games into trouble.

(her website wasn’t allowing me to comment so I commented on the youtube channel)

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