BCM 215: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments

Benny's Online Hovel

This week I went and commented on three of my peer’s pitches for their digital artifact in BCM 215. In this post, I will quickly highlight each of their projects and talk about what I contributed to it with my comments, how I used subject material, what research I used, what suggestions I made and how useful it was and I will sum up with what I learnt throughout the commenting phase.



Angus’s DA revolves around looking at video games and marketing, how advertising and marketing us utilized, the reality of the game versus what the adverts presented and how some of the games performed after the advertising stage. In my comment to Angus I mentioned a lot of new-age marketing tactics, for example, I spoke about how effective it is to use social media and memes, as well as well known content creators and provided context as…

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