BCM215 Pitch – Nintendogs

The accompanying Contextual Blog Post of 250 words (minimum) can include any material that you cannot fit into the two-minute video and should not repeat information presented in the pitch. The post is your opportunity to share background information through relevant research, including news and popular media, as well as academic and scholarly sources, which must be linked. Harvard style referencing of sources is highly recommended but not mandatory.

Opposing the beliefs that gaming has become an addictive source of entertainment. For my digital artefact I would like to look to recent research accompanied by my independent research, proving gaming has a diverse range of benefits. I will be looking closely at a game Nintendogs, a game that I believe has personally benefited me during my childhood. Through the early stages of my academic research I have discovered that the generality of research based on the effects of gaming on infants, toddlers, and preschoolers have predominantly focused on strengthening literacy skills (Dore et al., 2018; Kirkorian & Choi, 2017). Further, supporting the point that individuals are now looking closely into the beneficial factors of gaming and less on the potential risks.

Recent research has also proved that gaming has provided beneficial support in the development of cognitive skills in both child and adults. This refers to indulging one’s brain in constant stimulation, therefore improving the brains performance skills (Sheila Eugenio, 2017). My hope is that my digital artefact will inspire my viewers to think deeper into the benefits of gaming. Proposing benefits such as cognitive socialisation, improved coordination,  improved problem-solving skills and enhancing memory allows us to be more open to future possibilities that could benefit our future children (Santos, Tania, 2017).

It is inevitable that our children will be growing up in a media saturated environment. Children being apart of this digital gaming world is more than giving your toddler an iPad to keen them occupied and amused, it’s developing games that will enhance their growth like Nintendogs.

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“Nintendogs – Labrador and Friends (Used).” Nintendogs – Labrador and Friends (Used) – Good Look Gamer, http://www.goodlookgamer.com/product/nintendogs-labrador-and-friends-used/.


  1. Hey Lauren!

    First off I absolutely love this idea for your digital artefact, I grew up with my siblings playing Nintendogs and definitely believe that these types of games have benefited me as I grew up. I believe that a game like Nintendogs, teaches you good morals and how to care for something even if it is not a living being. Nintendogs to me brings a major resemblance to the childhood toy tamagotchi in that regard. I really like how you explained a little bit about the game and how it works at the beginning of your pitch as it will allow the viewers to gain some knowledge if they hadn’t payed the game before.

    An article that I had found online https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/remembering-nintendogs-the-game-that-taught-me-about-responsibility-and-commitment/ talks about how Nintendogs has allowed someone to grow up taking care of a digital pet which taught her responsibility and commitment. She was able to take those skills and use them in real life when she bought an actual dog herself. I think this article really relates to what you are looking into and would be a supporting piece of evidence for your research question.

    I really like how you went into depth about your research topic in both your blog post and video and overall I think you have done a great job in this pitch. I am really excited to see where this topic goes and look forward to reading more about it soon!


  2. What a cute project!! I love that this particular one is close to your heart.

    It sounds to me like you’re interested in Bandura’s Media Effects Theory. I am sure you’re familiar with the idea and the Bobo doll experiment (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zerCK0lRjp8). The idea that behaviour seen affects the behaviour of others.

    I’m interested in your suggestion of the positive side of this game. Especially how it might benefit kids rather than risk elements.

    If your research does suggest that there are positive impacts on children and adult brains from games like Nintendo Dogs, then will you also look at what other games might be helpful? What games might even be best for someone’s brain?

    I’m sure you have all kinds of plans for the direction of this piece! I hope this prompt helps you find an area you’re interested in!


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