My focus for this semester is to explore the competitive nature of super smash bros looking at a media archaeology approach which is also a post-structuralist view. I will be doing this by playing four of the five different titles released over the years and comparing them to each other. I will compare the differing move-sets including what has been taken and what has been added to each game. I will use this to look at the effect it has on the competitive scene and the culture. This will be done by playing the game’s firsthand and using a field journal to record my findings. 

Source: Week Three Lecture “Archaeology’s of Games Planning your Analysis”

To look further into the culture of the games, Reddit, Facebook and YouTube will provide me with an outlet for both passive observation and participatory research. Reddit and Facebook will be a great place for receiving feedback from players from both the competitive and non-competitive scene. Also, personalised interviews and questionnaires may be a good one way to get more extensive and personalised feedback on the game and how it has changed. 

Source: Cover Photo for subreddit r/smashbros

I know I say E3 in the video but what I mean is Evo which is a professional fighting game tournament held each year. Super smash bros have placed in the top three most entered games in the tournament nearly every year and I want to find out why. Each of the separate titles also seem to have their own fanbase, loyal to that game and this has impacted the competitive scene in the past, so exploring this further will be interesting. 

Source: Evo Fandom

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