BCM215 Digital Marketing in the Gaming Industry

Ashlan Rose

Hi everyone! Welcome to my pitch for BCM215.

You can see my video presentation below.

Potential sources for background research (academic and scholarly sources, news and media sources);

Over the recent years, digital marketing and gaming have both increased dramatically and become more popular. Majority of the gaming audience can now be reached through online digital mediums, (Mahajan, 2019).
In digital media marketing, the goal is to target specific audiences, with creative campaigns, in order to grab the attention of the consumers. Video games have provided another medium to advertise through. The potential reach is enormous and it is an incredible opportunity to utilise brand development and brand awareness (Pedersen, 2009).  

Throughout my blogs, I’ll examine past digital marketing campaigns that have been extremely successful in the gaming industry.
Angry Birds was founded in 2009 by Finnish developers and co-owners of Rovio entertainment, Mikael and…

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