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Lorena Farreras

Hey Lorena, I found this pitch extremely interesting as I never really considered the gender inequality amongst the characters in games. As a social gamer I can understand how this may have a negative portrayal towards the gaming community and thought the perception in the characters roleplay. I would recommend using discord as  a media format  to connect with active players to collect information on the community, as initially  primarily use for gaming this network can allow you to connect to many active gamers that will be more then happy to share their options for your research. I found some discord servers for you below:



I like how you have discovered so many resources already, thought the articles and polygon. However, I feel you could refer to the Mario franchise as iconic reference as it popularity is a prime example as Princess Peach has been depicted as a helpless damsel in destress. Overall, I hope my comment was helpful and all goes well.

Bennett Parkinson

G’day Bennett

As a young infant I loved watching then cartoon Pokémon series and movies, however I never got the chance to play any of the games. This is an extremely interesting DA. I like the idea of the analysis of Pokémon, it will be interesting to discover a more detailed states and strengths of each Pokémon. I reckon it would be interesting as a viewer to see a small montage of each character, for example add bit of shake, glow and some of the best moves of each character.


The Instagram page I linked will give a brief understand as to what you could potentially showcase, this I know is at a pretty extreme level of editing, but a simpler style would work just as well. To add I personally feel you could add in nostalgia aspect to you DA for the Pokémon, even as viewer from the cartoon series, I personal believe this will add a greater impact to your DA as nostalgia is a huge aspect for games . You could potentially retarget you audience to people aged around 18 to 25. Really excited to see you progress

Jett Townsend

I really like the idea  of you DA, your question of  “Are remakes only popular cause of the nostalgic feel or are they actually popular because they are good games” was an eye opener and got me thinking. But in many cases, some remakes have flopped such as Double Dragon Neon, Star Wars battlefront and Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD.

This link is a reference to some remakes that did not perform well.  The focus on Crash Bandicoot has seen many positive review and is a great example of how a remake has successes, it would be interesting to see the you analysis the another remake that has preformed poorly to assess your idea of “ are they popular cause its good”. However, I really liked how you have organised your DA structure and the presentation of your work, the idea of collecting data from your friends to examine how the remaster. Overall, I wish you the best of luck.


Analysing the comments, I personally believe I have provided the three with constructive feed back to allow them to develop. I have made sure I have provided links and proof argument to help improve their work, I focused on identifying their main objective. I have elaborated and explain the important of my comments and how they are relevant to there Digital Artifacts.

Jacky Wu 6526597

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