Reflection on Comments – BCM215


In commenting on other student’s posts, I felt like I gained a broader understanding of the subject and unique topics. It was good to feel like I contributed to someone’s project, give them constructive advice, and hopefully provided them with new insights and information they could incorporate into their DA.

Comment 1: Amely – The Witcher 3: Exploring Gwent

Comment link:

Amely’s DA focuses on the card game Gwent within The Witcher 3, as she aims to develop a deeper understanding of this in-game game. In my comment I included my thoughts that as well as playing the game and documenting her own experience, she could also use resources like reddit to see how other people feel about the game and their perspectives on it. I also included a link to a recourse about the evolution of Gwent, and suggested she could research the history of the game and it’s…

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