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Continuing on from the attached video, this digital artefact will be highly relevant to users as if the audience of a game show wishes to read about the show, my blog will have the information for that. Not only this but individuals who want to watch a particular game show and doesn’t know if they will like it, my blog posts will provide information for that. I also intend to utilise my twitter account and ask fellow students what game shows they recommend me watch and review, this way my digital artefact is staying relevant.

“Consider the game show platform, a legendary popular culture phenomenon that blurs the boundaries between entertainment and promotion possibly better than any other medium.”

In Stephen J. Goul and Pola B. Gupta’s ‘Come on Down’ paper on Game shows and product placement, the article discusses how game shows differ from every other type of show. As these shows are not scripted and put their contestants on the spot, the audience views contenders as ‘real people’ and therefore enables them to truly indulge in the game rather than wondering who scripted what.

“Once you cause somebody at home to talk to the set aloud, even by himself or herself, then you’ve got a good game show.” – Bob Stewart.

Bob Stewart was the inventor of video games and his first game was ‘The Price is Right’. His fans and audience described his games as communication games as the ones showcased were mostly for people to say one word or even talk about.

The first of game shows were quiz shows and through the decades, turned into game shows that veered away from just quizzing contestants. Game shows such as Family Feud, Minute to Win it, Have You Been Paying Attention, Talkin’ Bout Your Generation are extended versions of the original quiz shows. However, shows such as Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race, My Kitchen Rules, House Rules or even Australian Idol, have extended the views and definition of a game show. Nowadays, Bachelor in Paradise is under the ‘game show’ category, what happened to just finding love on national television? Crazy.

– R.

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