Playing History

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In one of my last blogs I pitched my new project for my uni subject BCM206.

Working with my partner fo this project, we sat down and recreated a more informative pitch with more information and clearer discussion on our direction. Check it out:

Playing History, our new project, is our answer to learning history through games.

Homeschooling is the future. The evidence for this is piling up. Last year 6000 registered students homeschooled in NSW alone. These numbers increase outside of NSW to unprecedented figures. Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular with the increase of tools and technology available and the increasing evidence of traditional classroom teaching failing.

A common tool homeschoolers are turning to is the use of games to educate students. From math games to spelling challenges. Games are paving the way foward as kids pay more attention, engage more effectively, and retain more. Most…

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