Bcm 215 pitch

The Lime and Dry

Bcm215 Pitch Script
The Analytical framework or Structure of my blog is like this
About the game–> Humour–> Honest review and rating
This is all around 500 word because I want to be able to keep peoples attention, so my idea is to keep posts shorter and have the pacing right in my writing, to keep readers attention.
Plan with schedule and dates
After having some weeks where I couldn’t get a post out, I want to get my schedule back on track. The original plan was too get 2 posts out a week however I think it is better idea to get 1 post out a week, this will give me more time to polish the post. So, this being week 6 I should have another 7 posts to come out by each Friday, because I’ve missed two weeks I think I will try and get out 2 more…

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