digital artefact: pitch


Pitch Video

BCM215 Pitch Video

Animation & Game Graphic Influences

In order to successfully analyse my game media texts and understand their seemingly ‘poor’ graphics, I will need to be well versed in the related academic research in this field. Many game studies focus on the psychological or behavioural effects, and do not take into account the aesthetic and interactive appeals of games (Carr n.d. p.2). This is quite interesting to me as a non-game player, as aesthetics is something that would cause me to gravitate to a game.

Animation styles can be influenced by many outside influences, however, textbook good animation can take the player into that games world. Character and environment animations that have been carefully crafted by design teams to be a natural part of the game world, making it feel more alive and safe to explore and experience in full (Johnson 2017 p. 238). The aesthetics…

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