Project Dossier – Game Experience Design


Players: Two-four players can play my game.

Game title: Look Out



Game materials/materiality

As my game is semi-digital, there will still be physical materials that will be used for it. This aspect of gaming is critical as they are addictive to play around with and touch. Even though digital games can manage time, having ‘funky’ objects add flavour to the game experience.

Regarding the materiality of tabletop games, Melissa J. Rogerson, Martin Gibbs and Wally Smith argue that although modern boardgames are increasingly being played on digital devices, physical games remain popular, with many users choosing to engage with a game in both its digital and non-digital form. Miniatures players value the material aspects of the gameplay experience: tactility, noise and spectacle (2016, pp. 3956-3957). Therefore, by my game being semi-digital, it can be appealing to contemporary audiences.

Game materials and actions are correlated. According to…

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