As a tremendously long semester comes to a close, the conclusion of BCM300 is upon us. Throughout this subject, I have been introduced to a new world, board games. Prior to this I was and continue to be an avid console gamer (PS4 for the win).

I chose to pursue a digital artefact (DA) titled ‘BoardTalk’, which consists of amateur game reviewing by myself. I chose to present my DA in a magazine stylistic format, as I envision BoardTalk to possibly be a zine to be distributed in future BCM300 tutorials for board game beginners.

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 6.20.16 pm

I’ve reviewed three games which have easily become household favourites, they are:

Each review investigates gameplay, entertainment value and user-friendliness. I then provide an overall rating out of five. BoardTalk will target board game newbies, couples and friends. As social interactivity has become an emphasised priority during COVID-19, board games have the power to bring us all together!



Click here to download my project dossier!

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