Project Dossier: How Dungeons and Dragons can help your writing

Creative and Critical Thoughts

Introduction and Overview

The Digital Artefact presented is a video essay discussing the narrative elements and game mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons and analysing how they create the game experience. Rather than focusing on the debate between narratology vs ludology in gaming, I approached the project from the viewpoint of how both narrative and mechanics contribute to the collaborative storytelling process of D&D.

Ideation of the Project

As stated in my first blog post regarding this project, my first concept was to look at how a group of D&D players have created a YouTube by posting their videos on YouTube. The case study I chose, The Oxventurer’s Guild, has remained the same, but rather than looking at how the group community has progressed I decided to pick out a few of their campaigns to anlayse in regards to story and game mechanics.

Charity Single: ‘Literally Everyone Else In The…

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