Project Dossier~ BCM300

Paris' Perspective


Throughout the course of BCM300, we were required to formulate a project dossier for a game. My dossier focuses on media archaeology, “re-examine a tabletop game from your childhood”. My project titled, ‘The Family Cards,’ is a tabletop card game that my family and I have been playing for over 20+ years. A tabletop game can be broadly defined as a game that is played on a table or surface (What is tabletop gaming, n.d.) I presented my project in the format of 3 Youtube videos. The first video explained the family history of the game, the second video was the rules and how to play and the third video featured a gameplay with a small voice over. I decided that a youtube video series was the best format because personally, the easiest way to learn is by watching others. Therefore, if I had created a podcast people would…

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