The Space Race: A Board Game Dossier

Sam Cunningham

Through a whirlwind of a brainstorming session, the original idea for this game was decided on being a space race game. It was from the advice of Chris Moore that led me to combine my research of the future of space travel from my BCM 325 DA that led to this decision. I have combined this mainly through Ziuadiin Zardar a futurist who expresses the need to think about the “unthought” which this game speaks into as it creates minds who are actively creating the future in the present due to story which is unpacked in further detail below. This also allows me to hone in on my academic research as well as I explore real possibilities of the future of space travel through a physical audience.

Idea Generation 

I’ve chosen to make a traditional board game rather than a digital one due to the research found in “Emotional reactions…

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