BCM 300 Group Contribution – Or lack thereof?

Mitch's Magnificent Media Blog

**I feel this blog post needs a huge disclaimer right up front. Due to our transition to remote learning occurring the same week we were to decide upon our groups for this assignment, some people fell through the cracks and didn’t end up with a group – I was one of them. Compounding this, I didn’t end up with a group until the very day that this blog post was expected to be published, which is why I’m only now able to submit this. Additionally, I spoke to Chris and he suggested that I look back at our pitch, and try to frame it as a sort of retrospective on where we could have gone following our presentation and the feedback we received**

As a result of my late arrival to my group (featuring Caitlin, Jonathan, and Georgie), I was unable to contribute anything of real value, as the other…

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