BoardTalk #revamped

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Constructions throughout my lovely Sydney apartment truly threw a spanner in the works for BoardTalk, hence, a reconstruction of my digital artefact (DA)! So now I have the pleasure to introduce BoardTalk 2.0, featuring a 30 second audio board game review followed by a short but sweet blog post discussing various aspects of the games reviewed.

Challenges that changed BoardTalk

In all honesty, I believe I set high expectations on myself during this time, and I admittedly became easily stressed whilst under pressure. Restructuring this DA has allowed me to take a simpler yet more engaging approach. The construction was also a setback as it has contributed to powercuts and an inability to record audio consistently. One of my current challenges is finding copyright-free sound effects online, so I have reached out to the BCM Twittersphere for advice.

Recording for the series is underway, and this BETA blog post will showcase the various elements that will be used in the final product of this project. Episodes will discuss Exploding Kittens, Secret Hitler, Code Names and Bandersnatch (fingers crossed), and will each be given an overall rating out of 5. The purpose of the audio review is to engage an audience in a short time period through comedic sounds and engaging discussion. I have found various copyright free songs to use as backing tracks for each episode:

  • Longing – Joakim Karud
  • Honey – Moow
  • Springtime Stroll – Secret Crates

Lo-Fi hip hop beats are definitely the way to go for board game reviews in my opinion!

The blog posts will investigate these categories explained below:


What does the gameplay include? Does it flow smoothly? What is the length of the game? Is there an ideal group size? What setting is best for this game e.g. pre-drinks, every day etc.?

Entertainment Value

Could I imagine myself playing this game after this project? Was it fun? What are the most engaging game mechanics?


Are the materials easy to use? Is the instruction manual easy to understand? Was the game easy to learn? What were the challenging elements of gameplay/materials?

Final thoughts

Would I recommend this game to my friends? What was my favourite and/or least favourite game components? Why?

Overall rating

Rating out of 5! (Spoiler alert, all of these games are AMAZING)

Blog posts will also contain images featuring game materials to further provide details to the audience of what the games entail. For example, these images of Exploding Kittens will indicate the visuals to come.

The audience for BoardTalk remains the same as the one pitched previously, first-time gamers and couples are the ideal audiences for this project.



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