BCM300: Scavenger Beta

steff harris

My BCM300 Individual Digital Artefact is called South Coast Scavenger, a local “scavenger hunt” game.

Rather than coming up with a completely new game, I decided to utilise already-made resources. GooseChase.com has been a very easy way to create a game where the platform is free, easy to use, has a GPS tracking system for players, and allows the game creator to create various missions which are all part of a point system.

The object of the game is to take photos of certain objects/locations in Wollongong, each having different values of points.


Initially, I wanted to create a game that was very similar to Geocaching. I will use Geocaching as my “Plays Like” section.

The Plays-Like section immediately starts the reader at a common reference point and establishes the direction in which you are expanding from the original game. It also constrains you to innovate…

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